Production/recording and session work

I run a small but perfectly formed recording studio, practice and teaching space out of my garden in Leytonstone - East London Mini Music Studio - it can be rented by the hour and includes my services. I can be as involved with the production/arrangement as desired - anything from simple recordings up to full-scale productions. I work closely with Café Music Studios in Bow, combining forces with them will enable tracks to be mixed and mastered to full industry standard. Below is a video demonstrating my instrumental playing in a track that I wrote and recorded myself. I am also available for sessions, having wide ranging experience both live and in the studio and across many different genres.


I charge a flat rate £20 per hour for use of my studio, including whichever services of mine you might need (session playing, production/arranging/mixing etc).

I typically charge £25 per hour for session work outside of my studio.